Hollow Blade

Unparalleled Hollow blade design by GST is unlike anything on the market. Transpiration serves to evaporatively cool turf as the escaping water vapor carries away heat energy. Cool in hot climates and but also supports its ability to keep the temperature of the lawn stable, the hollow vein in the center of the turf blades makes up not only for the really realistic look of the grass. Transpiration, a process that cools plants, occurs through the stomatal apertures. Lessens the temperature of a lawn, hollow blade technology mimics the same process, which helps to keep moisture inside stems longer and, therefore. Close the pore and leaf surfaces are dotted with stomata (openings or holes) bordered by guard cells that open, in plants.

Engineered Blades Technology

We produce monofilament turf fibers in dozens of different shapes. Each of our blade shapes serves a different purpose and creates a different effect for your lawn. Contact us to explore which option is best for you.

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