W-Shape Blade

Due to its light diffusing characteristics, which prevents overheating on hot summer days, an artificial grass with W-shaped leaves does not sustain as much heat energy as other types of turf. A series of tests in a controlled environment have shown that GST's W-Blade designed artificial grass is 15 degrees cooler than any other fake turf on the market. The long-lived structure of leaves makes this super-intelligently designed grass not only look as naturalistic as possible in a field or lawn but also serves well in heavy-traffic areas. This unparalleled technology takes the realistic look of artificial turf to a complete new level. Our W-Shape blade is the next generation of Stemgrass.

Engineered Blades Technology

We produce monofilament turf fibers in dozens of different shapes. Each of our blade shapes serves a different purpose and creates a different effect for your lawn. Contact us to explore which option is best for you.

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